Rental Assistance
Begun in 2002 to assist working islanders with high rental costs, Rental Assistance is funded annually through Community Preservation funds from the six Island towns. Residents making less than 80% of area median income and able to pay a minimum of 50% of a year-round rental may be eligible. See current income levels and application on the DOCUMENTS page.

  • Monthly Rent
    The federally provided Affordable Rents (80%) for Dukes County are used in determining the contract rents. The tenant’s portion of the rent is determined by household income and is paid directly to the property owners; the balance of the rent is paid to the property owners by the Housing Authority.
  • Security Deposit
    Property owners may require a security deposit up to the amount of one month’s rent which must be held in an interest bearing account in accordance with MGL 186. Tenants are responsible for paying any security deposit and the Housing Authority is not able to subsidize this cost.
  • Tenant Screening & Selection
    The Housing Authority can pre-screen eligible tenants for the property owners’ selection by processing criminal background checks, income and bank account verification. Tenant screening for suitability and final selection are the property owner’s responsibility.
  • Unit Inspection
    An inspection by the Housing Authority is scheduled prior to enactment of a new tenant/landlord lease-up and upon annual renewal. The landlord is responsible for satisfying any town requirements for apartment rental.
  • Documents
    A lease is signed between the property owner and the tenant and a housing assistance contract is signed between the property owner and the Housing Authority which also provides a rental assistance addendum to  the property owner. All agreements are subject to funding as voted on at Annual Town Meetings.
  • Program Representatives
    The Housing Authority prepares the rental assistance contract documents and remains the Landlord’s and Tenant’s contact regarding subsidy for as long as the tenancy is in effect. Annual administrative fees of $500.00 per new subsidy and $250.00 per existing subsidy assist with the costs of document preparation, apartment inspection, tenant certification and program administration.

The Application for rental assistance is on the DOCUMENTS page.