This Q & A is intended as a start in addressing general inquires. Please contact us directly so that we may discuss your specific situation with you.

Do you have seasonal or summer rentals?
The Housing Authority offers year-round rentals and rental assistance.

I have very low income. How can you help me with housing?
Absent any additional subsidy you may have access to, rentals and rental assistance through the Housing Authority generally require a gross annual income of $25,000 to $95,000 depending on  household size and apartment needs (2022 Income Chart). Application to the Morgan Woods Apartments in Edgartown and, depending on household definition, Island Elderly Housing or Wampanoag Tribal Housing might also be of help. Please see our Links page for contact information.

What if my only income is SSI or SSDI?
A combination of a housing voucher or local rental assistance and the right landlord may be of help with SSI or SSDI income. Otherwise, application to Island Elderly Housing‘s Hillside Apartments may be of help.

I have a Section 8 Voucher. Can you help me?
Yes, as a landlord. Please complete a DCRHA application and list your subsidy under income so that we can place you on our rental wait list. Rental voucher administration is provided for the Cape & Islands by Housing Assistance Corp of Hyannis (HAC). You will need to alert HAC to any plans to transfer use of your voucher to the Cape & Islands.

Are your wait lists for family housing open?
Yes, DCRHA wait lists are always open. As most of our rental units do not have the ongoing subsidy typical of Public Housing Authorities, factors such as the date your application is received, household income and size, and apartment availability, will help determine when a DCRHA rental may address your housing needs.

I am homeless. Is there a shelter on the Vineyard?
There are cold weather overnight shelter options offered and some funding for winter-season motel vouchers  offered by Harbor Homes of MV (978-273-0533). Additional shelters and services are available through Housing Assistance Corp  and St. Josephs (508-997-3202) in Hyannis.

The home I’ve been renting has just been sold and I can’t find a rental. How can you help me?
Application to the Housing Authority, Morgan Woods or Island Elderly Housing may be of help. On-island support is otherwise limited to increasingly rarely advertised rentals and personal or social media networking.

What do you require for a down-payment with an apartment?
The Housing Authority requires the first month’s rent and a security deposit.

Do you offer one-time assistance with rent or utilities?
We can assist you with referrals to organizations that may be of help with those costs.

Do you manage Morgan Woods or Island Elderly Housing rentals?
No, but here are the links to Morgan Woods and  Island Elderly Housing.

Where can I find legal help with my island rental situation?
Please contact South Coastal Counties Legal Services.

I am considering doing a year-round rental on my property. Who do I speak with?
Landlords have successfully used the Rental Assistance Program since 2002. Please contact the Housing Authority for more information on Rental Assistance. The Town of West Tisbury has a program for Special Permits for Accessory Apartment construction and renting.

How do I find out about youth lots and resident home-sites? Currently, the focus of Vineyard affordable housing development is on badly needed year-round rentals, some “turn-key” ownership homes and the occasional “you-build” lot offer. Please see our Homebuyer Clearinghouse which is used to contact interested households when  ownership opportunities arise. It may also be helpful to contact town zoning and planning administrators to inquire about any particular allowances for affordable or community home ownership opportunities. These vary widely from island town to town but may include special permits or variances for homesite subdivision, substandard lot use, multi-family clustering, etc.